20/01/2013 15:06


Why is that?


It is said that we have the best Justice System in the world. For the most part, I honestly am in agreement with that. But can we as Americans do better?

If an airplane skids off the runway and bursts into flames, the FAA will investigate in order to determine the cause of the accident.

                                                                  Why is that?

Four Americans are killed in an attack at our Benghazi Embassy and we the the United States Senate investigate the incident through hearings to find out exactly what happened and who knew what, and when!

                                                                   Why is that?

Through out the past decade there has been 2500 plus Americans who have been EXONERATED from our prison systems and no telling how many more have been EXECUTED that was actually innocent! Yet there has been “NO” Senate hearing, nor Justice Review Committee to address or fix the PROBLEM!

                                                                  Why is that?

Are the lives of the Americans on airplanes and in our embassy's worth more than the lives of the INNOCENT AMERICANS who are unjustly EXECUTED and LOCKED UP in our prison system?

The four Americans and other service men and women through the years have given their lives to protect our American values..

Our Values of LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS. But for every innocent American we INCARCERATE and EXECUTE we have denied those Americans their basic CONSTINTUTIONAL AMERICAN VALUES.


It is clear we must have for many Americans have been EXONERATED and there has been no review nor hearings to address the problem, which can be seen through EXONERATION that a problem exists within our Broken Justice System.

Our American Values are being trampled on right here at home and no one in POWER is doing anything about it!

                                                                   Why Is That?

Doesn't the people in POWER whom the Americans put in office through our democracy owe it to the SERVICE MEN and WOMEN that have fought and died to protect our American Values, to up hold them values in our courts of LAW?

While sentencing innocent Americans to Death or long prison terms and not doing anything to address or fix the problem is not up holding our American Values that our Service Men and Women fought and died to protect...


In Strength And Struggle


Brian E. Davis